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Most businesses are struggling right now, so we’ve decided to partner with other laundry services in Bristol to enable each of us to extend our range and support more people. When you complete the form below, we will match you with the closest business who will be able to help. We would normally be in competition, but sometimes it’s better to work together.

If you own a business in this sector and service the Bristol or surrounding areas, please get in touch with us direclty to see if we can partner with you too. Email us via [email protected]

Laundry & Duvets only

As we are  implementing lone worker policies we're not able to offer dry cleaning at this time. We can provide ironing, but this will take longer than normal.

The best information we have available right now from our detergents supplier's chemists, and NHS guidance - is that the virus does not survive beyond a day on clothes. So we are happy to collect if you can ensure that the laundry is left for at least 48 hours prior to us collecting. We may need to revise this at short notice.
So that we can send your query to the closest business, we need to know where you are

Existing Customers

If you've already used The Clean Bean for collections, you can email us directly via [email protected]

We'll need your name and number here - but please use YOUR email address below. Please complete the rest of the form below with the details of the person we are collecting from. Please let us know if the person we're collecting from is self isolating.
We may still be able to collect /deliver, but will need to confirm first.
For a fixed monthly fee you can save at least £25 / month compared to using us ad hoc. We will get back to you with more information if you want to know more.

Collection Days

We're currently collecting Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Collection Days

We're currently collecting Monday & Friday.

To adhere to the goverment-mandated contactless policy, please outline any issues for entry, e.g. You have a porch where we can leave / collect the laundry, you're in a flat but can buzz us into the lobby area where we can leave the laundry etc.
Unless you specifically ask us for special treatments or processes, we will wash and dry everything we collect from you in our normal way. If you have any special wash requests, let us know and we'll do our best to follow them.